Factor Chandelier Shares “Sky High” Feat. Ceschi

Last year proved pivotal for beatmaker/producer Factor Chandelier, releasing the opus that was Time Invested II, the follow-up to the mass appeal of the album he released 20 years prior. Not one to sit on his own laurels, the Canadian musician was already at work on his latest offering, Moving Like A Planet (Fake Four Inc.). Just a couple of weeks ago Chandelier released the trippy title track of the album, with visuals that shared a glimpse into his world.

He recently shared the video for the latest single “Sky High” featuring Ceschi, once again directed by Riley Deacon, allowing the images to pass through a kaleidoscope of altered reality where it seems no one knows what’s real anymore. Ceschi’s chorus, “Touched what I’ve never touched before/Seen what I’ve never seen before,” almost seems ominously fitting as he waxes poetically throughout.

The album is set to be released on June 2, 2023.