The Buttertones Share Video “Denial”

The Buttertones have shared the video for “Denial You Win Again” off of their recently released album, Jazzhound. The third music video from the project directed by Distractor (William Sipos + Sean Campos) is “focused around two concepts. The first being the state of denial, its duality, as in its ability to make complete and no sense at the same time.  The second being that rain looks cool.”

Earlier this month, The Buttertones released Jazzhound their latest and most extravagant ambitious and fully realized album to date. Known for their ability to blend surf, garage and punk rock influences, combined with their lively performances, The Buttertones have become indie favorites.

Jazzhound is a completely new territory for the group with Araiza, who calls this album “probably the darkest one” he’s written lyrically, pushing his Ian Curtis-via-Bobby Darin baritone to new depths, particularly on scorchers like “Phantom Eyes” and “Bebop.” It’s also the first album with Cobiån acting—and thriving—in his new role as a full-time guitarist (the drum parts were written by him and played by session musician Paul Doyle), and the first since the departure of guitarist Dakota Boettcher as well.

“We really worked our asses off on this one,” says Araiza, proudly, already talking about how he can’t wait to do it all again and make another record soon—after they tour the world, that is, making up for the lost dates last summer, and then some. “It feels like we’re still climbing.”