R.Y.F. Shared Video For “Don’t Panic”

R.Y.F. shares the music video for “Don’t Panic,” a song off her new record Everything Burns out now via Bronson Recordings. With “Don’t Panic,” R.Y.F. continues her celebration of the marginalized—an encouraging tribute to the strength and difficulty of coming out as trans. The line “YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TAKEN BY ALIENS” —repeated to the effect of a strobe-lit hypnosis—alludes to Morello’s experiences growing up non-binary.

“‘Don’t Panic’ describes what you feel when coming out seems impossible, when you feel trapped and powerless, says R.Y.F., the solo project of Italian artist Francesa Morello. “Hey!!! You’ve not been taken by aliens!!! It is all fine!!! That’s my message to support my big queer family out there.” Everything Burns is R.Y.F.’s first foray into electronic music, and an homage to a period of explosive creativity and inspiration. With the pandemic forcing musicians off the road, Morello found herself at home working less with a guitar and more with synthesizers and drum machines, instruments she had long admired in avant-garde bands like Special Interest as well as Moor Mother, who R.Y.F. recently announced a show opening for in Francesca’s hometown of Ravenna, Italy.

“This album is for people who feel uncomfortable because of what they are—because other people tell them they are wrong,” says Morello. Queer and nonbinary and speaking directly to an audience of the marginalized, Morello combines “fiction and reality” to imbue individual feeling into mythological battles, inviting listeners to see themselves in an ever-important and painful human struggle for survival and acceptance. “I want people to know you are never alone, even if you feel that way sometimes. Know you are part of a big family.”

R.Y.F. announced Everything Burns with the first single and video “Cassandra,”which was directed by acclaimed theater company Motus (MDLSXPanoramaNELLA TEMPESTA), and stars actress Silvia Calderoni (Sky TV series Romulus, Gucci’s “Ouverture Of Something That Never Ended”, Jonathan Nossiter’s “Last Words”). The following single “Normal Is Boring,” “part of a powerful one-two punch that opens Everything Burns,” as MXDWN states, “is also danceable, opening with a stomping, industrial-tinged drum and bass beat, with energetic rave-style synths bubbling under the surface.”