PJ Harvey Shares “I Inside The Old I Dying”

PJ Harvey has released a second song, “I Inside the Old I Dying” from her forthcoming album I Inside the Old Year Dying. Today’s song release is accompanied by an animated music video, directed by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña.

The films directors Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña say “We envisioned the video as a short story about love, death, and resurrection. We imagined that the video can be seen as a little fairy tale and also as an intimate ritual. We wanted to keep the animation in a state of scenic and material rawness, as if the elements we see are not characters or props, but artifacts and talismans that are part of a ceremony.”

Of the new single “I Inside the Old I Dying”, PJ Harvey says, “This delicate and beautiful song eluded us until the very last day in the studio. Over the previous five weeks we had tried so many times to capture it and failed, and/but then John reinvented the feel of the guitar pattern. As he was demonstrating it in the control room, Flood handed me a microphone and pressed record whilst I sat next to John trying to work out how to sing to it. The result somehow captures the ethereal and melancholic longing I was looking for.

In the lyric everyone is waiting for the savior to reappear – everyone and everything anticipates the arrival of this figure of love and transformation. There is a sense of sexual longing and awakening and of moving from one realm into another – from child to adult, from life to death and the eternal.”

To coincide with this second song release, Harvey has also announced a run of tour dates in the UK and Europe – beginning in late September with shows in Dublin, Glasgow, London and Manchester before touring throughout continental Europe. All dates below. For more information, please visit here.

The forthcoming album, I Inside the Old Year Dying (Partisan Records) – Harvey’s first since 2016’s Grammy-nominated The Hope Six Demolition Project – will be released on July 7th, 2023. This highly anticipated release is produced by long-time collaborators Flood and John Parish.


22nd September – 3Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

23rd September – 3Olympia Theatre, Dublin,Ireland

25th September – Barrowland, Glasgow, UK

26th September – Barrowland, Glasgow, UK

28th September – Roundhouse, London, UK

29th September – Roundhouse, London, UK

2nd October – Albert Hall, Manchester, UK

3rd October – Albert Hall, Manchester, UK

6th October – Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

7th October – Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

9th October – Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium

10th October – Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium

12th October – Olympia, Paris, France

13th October – Olympia, Paris, France

15th October – Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland

16th October – Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland

18th October – Velký sál Lucerna, Prague, Czech Republic

19th October – Velký sál Lucerna, Prague, Czech Republic

21st October – Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany

22nd October – Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany

24th October – Palladium, Warsaw, Poland

25th October – Palladium, Warsaw, Poland

27th October – Falkonersalen, Copenhagen, Denmark

28th October – Falkonersalen, Copenhagen, Denmark

30th October – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway

31st October – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway