LUCI Drops “Trippin Trippin Trippin” 

Rising artist LUCI  (pronounced Loo Chē) announces the September 23 release of her debut EP, Juvenilia, (Don’t Sleep). Today she shares a new single from the EP, “Trippin Trippin Trippin.” On the song, produced by Elias Abid, LUCI grapples with her struggles, apologizing for being stir crazy and at times explosive.  “Trippin Trippin Trippin” debuted via an “Origins” feature on Consequence and she told them “I had to sit there and truly reflect on how I exist in this world in and around everything set forth to harm or sway me.  And my main thing is I won’t let anything stop me. ‘Put it all in my hands, I must ball.’ We all have a fear of rejection. But we all also have desires. One thing I’m not gonna do is reject myself. I’m always gonna chase after desire.” 

LUCI announced herself to the world earlier this summer with the release of her first single “Ash & Dust” alongside its exceptional video directed by Object and Animal (FKA Twigs).  Watch that here.  Although an offering from an artist in their infancy, which is exactly the definition of “Juvenilia,” the forthcoming EP provides a non-exhaustive snapshot of LUCI’s incomparable vocal dexterity and incredibly self-aware and reflective mindset, exploring everything from empowerment, self-reflection, pride, and completely unfiltered self-expression – nothing is off limits.  Written over the course of 2 years, it was brought to life through collaborations with a number of artists and producers including Glass Animals’  Edmund Irwin-Singer, who mixed the entire EP.  Of the relationship, LUCI says, “we’ve gotten incredibly close and he’s been a major part in helping bring this project to a close. He’s got a passion and mind that I truly adore.”