Fawns of Love Shares “Taboo Daydreaming”

Since 2016, the husband/wife duo singer Jenny Andreotti and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Andreotti have been performing & recording as Fawns of Love. Throughout the years the music the two have created has paid homage to 80s synth-rock & electro-pop while always offering a wide array of stormy melancholia within song compositions. Although the band has been vocal about its influences, wearing them directly on both musical sleeves, its identity remains intact as Fawns of Love.

Fawns Of Love is set to release its new album Innocence of Protection (Kingfisher Bluez/Sunday Records) this Friday, November 26, 2021. In advance of the album’s release the band shares the video for its new single “Taboo Daydreaming.” For the bass-driven song, the band delivers aged & colorized stock film to provide the backdrop for its pop exploration.