Cryalot Shares New Single “Labyrinth” Along With Accompanying Video

The focus track from Cryalot’s debut Icarus EP, out Friday, September 2nd and grounded in Greek mythology, “Labyrinth” is a heady balance between meditative pianos and airy vocals interlaced with punchy, empowering soundscapes. The dream-like video, directed by Joshua Homer and set in an abandoned building in Bethnal Green, conjures a shadowy, woozy setting for Sarah and Jennifer Walton, the production partner behind Cryalot, to play out the song’s hopeful narrative.

“‘Labyrinth’ is a song about hope and our ability to dream even when we are trapped in our own reality,” shares Sarah, “The track draws parallels between the myth of Icarus and the confines of our own emotional landscapes.”

The Icarus EP seeks to establish a new angle of Sarah’s emotional landscape. After rising to fame for the signature colourful art-pop Kero Kero Bonito became synonymous with, her new output stands in stark contrast. This introduction to the visceral world of Cryalot sets the groundwork for a darker universe than seen before. 

Having learnt the tale of Icarus at school, Sarah became fascinated by the alternative interpretation which celebrated Icarus’ courage rather than the usual cautionary tale of man overreaching his limits. The Icarus EP leans into this mentality while channelling the darker aesthetics of noise music and metal being fused with experimental pop. Playing with sonic extremes, the EP oscillates between the black metal inspired electronics of tracks like “Hell Is Here” and the sheer pop intensity of “Hurt Me”. 

Icarus, the debut EP from Cryalot, is released Friday, September 2nd  via AWAL.