fanclubwallet Shares Mini-EP, Video For “Prrrblm”

fanclubwallet — the project of Ottawa-based musician Hannah Judge — shares her new mini-EP, Small Songs Vol. 1, on AWAL, and a lyric video for the single, “Prrrblm,” ahead of tour dates in Canada next week with Dizzy. Small Songs Vol. 1 is fanclubwallet’s first new release since last fall’s “Roadkill,” which was praised by UPROXX as “an eerie, hypnotic earworm.” “Roadkill” followed fanclubwallet’s latest album, You Have Got to Be Kidding Me, released in May 2022.

All five tracks across Small Songs Vol. 1 were fully written and produced by Hannah, and “Prrrblm” is a lo-fi flash, clocking in at a minute-and-a-half. “When I feel the smallest, I turn on my old casio keyboard and I make songs in the dark in my room,” says Hannah. “This is how fanclubwallet started — just me and some crappy gear in my childhood bedroom. Recently I’ve been writing with my band more which has been amazing, but I wanted to get something out to remind myself of where things started when it was just me and no one else. These songs feel like anxiety bundled up and packaged ready to go, really truly honest fanclubwallet songs. What it sounds like with just me and my silly sad brain behind the wheel.”

Photo Courtesy: Ian Filipovic