Ceschi Shares Video "Red Emma"

Back in August of 2019, Ceschi dropped the brilliant San Soliel, his second album of the year, a recording dense with songs that defy singular genres, celebrating music through his own imaginative psyche. It’s definitely not an easy task to explain, it must be experienced. Today Ceschi shares the animated video for “Red Emma” by artist Jed I. Rosenberg while continuing on his North American tour with Gregory Pepper & His Problems. Tour dates listed below.

Ceschi on “Red Emma”: 

“Red Emma is a song that I spontaneously wrote & recorded at my friend Ross’ house while visiting Nashville in the fall of 2018. It was a tumultuous time of mania & adventure coupled with an extended & continuing processing of grief. In the end – what I created is a non-romantic love song to those left behind whether it be via break-ups or even death. Although somebody may be removed from our day to day lives – it does not necessarily mean that they’ve disappeared or that we have ever stopped caring for them. I could go on and on about the inside references here – including the nods to Emma Goldman & anarchy – but prefer that you make what you will of them.

The talented director & animator Jed Rosenberg was one of the first to listen to the Sans Soleil album while we wrapped up the music video for “Middle Earth” together. Our friendship over the last decade has been sparse but also filled with some intensely moving moments of conversation & connection. He made it clear to me that something about this song captured him on a deeper personal level – and he managed to express that, powerfully through these visuals.

Shellie, my friend & manager in LA, was super hesitant to act in this – but, because of my familiarity with our similar life paths, I knew she would understand this role deeply & present those feelings authentically. I really have to thank them both so much for the caring & love they put into this video during a time when I had burnt out, emotionally shut down & struggled to feel anything. My friends kept the heart beating.” 


2.15 Richmond, VA Wonderland 
2.16 Greenville, NC Hot Change 
2.17 Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 
2.19 Atlanta, GA 529 
2.20 Orlando, FL Wills Pub 
2.21 Gainsville, FL The Atlantic 
2.23 Houston, TX Notsuoh
2.25 Denton, TX JJs Basement 
2.26 Austin, TX Mohawk 
2.27 San Antonio, TX Limelight 
2.28 Las Cruces, NM Main St. Vintage Mercado 
2.29 Mesa, AZ The Grid 
3.2 CO Springs, CO The Six Two 
3.3 Denver, CO 7th Circle Music Collective