Cassidy King Shares Video For Single “Safe Places”

Ohio’s own Cassidy King has revealed a new single, “Safe Places,” which exemplifies King’s penchant for creating a song that is at once confessional and ear-wormy. She notes “‘Safe Places’ was inspired by a poem I wrote about dating a girl who wasn’t fully ready to commit because she had a boyfriend. She was with us both at the same time and we had no idea. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of him taking credit for every smile that ran across her face. He was the human she could display and I was the being she was hiding. He was the shell, the face, and body but I was underneath the surface making her feel. To everyone in her world I was just a friend because our love always had to be hidden. The infatuation I craved by chasing a straight girl ended up turning into a love that tore me apart because I could never fully have her. I felt myself breaking more and more everyday because I kept hoping she would wake up one day and choose me but to this day she’s still with him.”

The video was directed by Peter Theisen Amlie.