Cassidy King Shares New Single “Can’t Be Friends”

Singer-songwriter Cassidy King has a knack for irresistible, pop-forward melodies and emotional hooks that get catchier with each release. Today, she continues to showcase those talents with her new heartbreak anthem “Can’t Be Friends” chronicling the ending and reflection of an untruthful relationship. The video was directed and produced by Charlotte Kennett underneath her production company, Mother Fever.

“‘Can’t Be Friends’ was inspired by an ex of mine who broke up with me a month after moving to LA. I wanted answers as I felt blindsided by the breakup and those answers never came from that person so my mind found them for me,” Cassidy says about the track. “I figured there had to be someone else so my head, of course, ran with that. I could not let go of the idea that they were doing the same things they did to make me fall in love with them, to someone else. After the relationship was over, they still wanted to feel like I was still there. It felt like they only pulled me close when they felt me pulling away but I loved them so I wanted to be there in any way they’d have me. I ended up meeting someone else while I was waiting on them and that’s when they told me we can’t be friends.”

King bares all through her deeply personal, poignant lyricism and lush, pop-forward melodies. To many fans, she is also a role model—a proud, queer woman who offers a voice to those who are still finding the words to share their own stories.  Growing up in Ohio, King never thought that a career in entertainment could be a viable option. While she harbored a love for the performing arts, it wasn’t until she enrolled at Kent State University that she pursued music in earnest. A few months later, a video of King freestyling went viral—resonating with millions of viewers around the world.  In 2019, with the release of her first music video, “Professional Smiler” (in which the artist kisses an on-screen girlfriend) King found the courage to reveal her true self.  A year later, she once again tapped into that vulnerability, releasing her debut EP, Not So Picture Perfect. Throughout the summer of 2020, King collaborated with a longtime friend, producer and songwriter TyC, to craft an intimate and stunning collection of songs which became her sophomore EP Concrete Walls. Following the two EP releases, Cassidy is working on another project coming later this year, continuing to bare her soul in her songwriting.