Cassidy King Swoons Over The Early Stages Of Dating In “Four in the Morning”

Singer-songwriter Cassidy King has released a new single “Four in the Morning.” Clocking in at just under 2 ½ minutes, the upbeat song captures the early days of a relationship, when each party is wrapped in the bliss of infatuation.  The single marks the first bit of new music from Cassidy since the October release of her debut EP, Not so Picture Perfect. She shares,”‘Four in the Morning’ is about chasing infatuation with no regard to where it could lead. It’s about living in that moment of freedom before anything gets too serious, right before you reach the fear of falling for them. The space where we all wish we could stay. This feeling very rarely lasts and that’s why it’s always so bittersweet. I tried to paint a picture with this song that could make that moment last forever.”  The video for “Four in the Morning” was shot in Los Angeles and stars Jordan Kristine Seamón of HBO’s We Are Who We Are.    

Born and raised in Chardon, OH—a small, conservative town outside of Cleveland—King never thought that a career in entertainment could be a viable option. While she harbored a love for the performing arts, it wasn’t until she enrolled at Kent State University that she pursued music in earnest. A few months later, a video of King singing an impromptu, heartfelt song went viral—resonating with millions of viewers around the world.

Her fanbase grew with the 2019 release of her single “Professional Smiler” as listeners continued to connect with King’s intensely personal, poignant lyricism and irresistible, pop-forward melodies.  To many of her passionate followers, King is a confidant, a friend, and a radiant light. As a proud, queer woman, she offers a voice to those who are still finding the words to share their own stories.  Yet it hasn’t been an easy route—juggling her studies, her music career, and countless hours working as a server to pay for studio time, videos, and shows. Throughout it all, her fans have kept her motivated, giving her the same sense of hope and encouragement that she has offered them. 

While King’s formal education is coming to a close, her journey as an artist is just beginning—and there’s no doubt that she’ll be sharing everything she gleans along the way. “I can’t wait to keep growing and learning and speaking about my experiences,” she concludes. “I just want to continue to be a voice for people.”

Photo Courtesy: Undine Markus