Cassidy King Shares Remix Of “Matcha Tea” Featuring WRENN

Singer-songwriter Cassidy King releases a remix of her energetic and uplifting song “Matcha Tea.” Recorded in LA, the track depicts a relationship about feelings not reciprocated evenly. In the new version of the track, tech pop star WRENN adds a deeper layer with a verse portraying the role of the heartbreaker. 

“The song about a girl who didn’t really give me the time of the day,” Cassidy says of the single. “I asked WRENN, who’s a dear friend of mine, to do a verse on the song. I told her ‘make sure you’re nice to me on the song and to let me down gently.’”

“Matcha Tea” featuring WRENN is the first single since “Under The Covers” in July of 2022. Along with the release of her two EPs – Concrete and Not so Picture Perfect – last year Cassidy signed with APA, toured with Chloe Lilac and Mothé as well as playing The Dinah’s L Word Pool Party. Over the past few years, the  singer-songwriter has built a devoted fanbase, thanks to her intensely personal, poignant lyricism and irresistible,pop-forward melodies. On “Matcha Tea ft. WRENN [Remix]” and upcoming singles this year, King dives deeper into her immensely relatable past sapphic relationships and situationships with her most catchy hooks and forward-thinking production yet.

Photo Courtesy: Sarah Midkiff