Cassidy King Offers Third Single From Upcoming Album, “Abigail”

Cassidy King is excited to announce the October 23 release of her debut EP, Not So Picture Perfect. The EP is a collection of writings inspired by the first person she ever fell in love with and the love triangle that ensued. The triangle started with Cassidy at one point, her love interest at another and the woman’s boyfriend the third. It created an unknown competition between two lovers that inevitably ended in heartbreak. She notes, “to this day I’m still not sure if I truly loved her or just loved the way she hurt me. She was the best and worst thing that ever happened to me but through her I learned that love is beautiful because it’s not perfect and maybe that was the point.”
King has already shared two of the EP’s singles, “Wasted” which speaks on the difficulty of knowing when it’s safe to fall in love and being able to fully trust in that commitment and “Safe Places,” which was inspired by a poem she wrote about the entanglement. King reveals the EP’s 3rd single, “Abigail,” which continues the EP’s story arc. 

Cassidy shares, “one night at 3am, I caught myself missing someone I shouldn’t. Late nights get lonely and we hadn’t spoken in months because we were so toxic for each other – ending all communication was the only answer. That night I ended up unblocking her number and dialed but it wouldn’t ring. I guess she blocked me right back and no matter how badly I wanted to hear her voice, I couldn’t. I wrote down all the things I wanted to say to her and knowing I never would, it was my scream into oblivion. Through it I learned the difference between missing someone vs. the idea of them. In that moment I was so caught up in the idea of her that I forgot why I had let go in the first place. You can’t heal in the same space that broke you and that realization is ‘Abigail.’” The track was produced by Jesty (Evann McIntosh), TyC, and Mike Tuccillo (Ingrid Michaelson, Verite) and the video was shot in Norway with Peter Theisen Amlie (girl in red).