Video Premiere: Turn Pale from Dayton, Ohio, 2003

From Ghettoblaster’s brother blog,; never before seen footage of Turn Pale performing in Dayton, Ohio:
For ten years, Turn Pale(from Bloomington, Indiana) explored the corners of the dancefloor, with a decidely punk asthetic; opting to caress the dark, Rough Trade/Factory sound from the early ’80s post-punk/goth movement.
Following the self-released ‘CHANCE’ 7″ in April 2002 on Anderson’s Bluesanct label, their debut full-length, titled ‘KILL THE LIGHTS’, was released in June 2003 on the What Else? label.
Known for a highly energetic live show, Turn Pale toured the U.S. several times in the over the years with friends such as Black Eyes, Lovelife and Radio Berlin .  Unfortunately, they’ve not played since the release parties for ‘MOCK TRIAL/HUNG JURY’ in winter of 2007.
Here is some video, which offers terrible visual, but OK audio of the band’s last trip to Dayton: