Drekka readies Examinations for Bluesanct, tours in support (2018)

For over twenty years, Mkl Anderson has curated a vast archive of recorded material for his cinematic ambient industrial soundscapes. Working for as many years under the name Drekka, he has sculpted these soundscapes using self-made field recordings of everything from insects in the mountains outside Kathmandu to a washing machine in Reykjavik, from countless sketches and abandoned projects donated by friends, from hundreds of hours of multi-track live recordings of Drekka captured all around the world.
In this way, he works with memory not only as a subject but also as a process, continually delving into this personal world of sound; examining, revisting, and repurposing recordings and forgotten snippets of the voices of out-of-touch friends into new moments and experiences.
Examinations, which sees release via Bluesanct on September 14, is a collection of collaborations spanning two years, newly mixed and mastered. And although each track was initally created for a different situation, each for a different compilation, taken as a whole, a cohesive narrative presents itself.
Examinations is a series of short stories, each unique while exploring recurring themes of mental health in a world of constant anxiety. Taken togethers, the pieces seek common threads, however fleeting or tangental: hoping to remain tethered to the world, to friends and family, to past and present. These are examinations of the darkness which informs the tenuous province of memory and dreams; the real ghosts of time and sound.
The release is limited to 300 copies, pro-mastered CDs with full-color four-panel artwork. To support the release Mkl will launch Drekka’s the “Examining Shadows” Tour in August.
2018.08.10.FRI – MO, Columbia – Cafe Berlin
2018.08.11.SAT – KS, Lawrence – Percolator
2018.08.13.MON – CO, Denver – Thought//Forms Gallery
2018.08.18.SAT – CO, Grand Junction – Copeka Coffee
2018.08.20.MON – NE, Lincoln – Toothblack House
2018.08.21.TUE – IA, Iowa City – Public Space One
2018.08.22.WED – IA, Ames – Tom and Mary Jane’s
2018.08.23.THU – KS, Kansas City – Charlotte Street Foundation Downtown
2018.08.24.FRI – MO, St. Louis – Flood Plain
2018.09.19.WED – BE, Ghent – venue TBA
2018.09.23.FRI – FR, Tincques – We Hate Rock n Roll Fest +
2018.09.26.WED – FR, Paris – L’Olympic Cafe +
2018.09.27.THU – FR, Lyon – Le Sonic +
2018.09.30.SUN – FR, St. Etienne – venue TBA +
2018.10.01.MON – IT, Turin – Unione Culturale Antonicelli +
2018.10.02.TUE – IT, Rome – Fanfulla +
2018.10.04.THU – GR, Athens – Temple +
2018.10.06.SAT – BU, Sofia – Bulgarian National Radio’s Studio Two Concert Hall +
2018.10.07.SUN – RO, Cluj-Napioca – Gazette +
2018.10.09.TUE – HR, Zagreb – Klub Mo?vara
2018.10.10.WED – IT, Padova – TBC +
2018.10.12.FRI – CZ, Brno – AVA Presents +
2018.10.13.SAT – SK, Trencin – Klub Luc +
2018.10.14.SUN – CZ, Prague – Letmo Productions Presents +
2018.10.16.TUE – PL, Poznan – LAS +
2018.10.17.WED – DE, Hamburg – Schute +
2018.10.18.THU – DE, Berlin – Urban Spree +
2018.10.18.THU – DE, Köln – Christuskirche +
2018.10.23.TUE – UK, London – The Victoria +
2018.10.24.WED – UK, Plymouth – The Junction +
2018.10.25.THU – UK, Liverpool – 61 Reenshaw Street +
2018.10.26.FRI – UK, Todmorden – Golden Lion +
2018.10.27.SAT – UK, Wrexham – Undegun +
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