Song Premiere: Drekka, "We Negotiate Shadows Much Deeper Than Winter"

Mkl Anderson weaves vast cinematic ambient industrial soundscapes. Working for as many years under the name Drekka, he has sculpted these soundscapes using self-made field recordings of everything from insects in the mountains outside Kathmandu to a washing machine in Reykjavik, from countless sketches and abandoned projects donated by friends, from hundreds of hours of multi-track live recordings of Drekka captured all around the world.
In this way, he works with memory not only as a subject but also as a process, continually delving into this personal world of sound; examining, revisiting, and repurposing recordings and forgotten snippets of the voices of out-of-touch friends into new moments and experiences.
Examinations, which sees release via Bluesanct on September 14, is a collection of collaborations spanning two years, each unique while exploring recurring themes of mental health in a world of constant anxiety. Taken together, the pieces seek common threads, however fleeting or tangental: hoping to remain tethered to the world, to friends and family, to past and present. These are examinations of the darkness which informs the tenuous province of memory and dreams; the real ghosts of time and sound.
Today Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering one from this expansive collection of work. Immerse yourself in “We Negotiate Shadows Much Deeper Than Winter” here:

The release is limited to 300 copies, pro-mastered CDs with full-color four-panel artwork. Order Examinations here. To support the release Mkl has launch Drekka’s the “Examining Shadows” Tour in August.
2018.09.19.WED – BE, Ghent – venue TBA
2018.09.26.WED – FR, Paris – L’Olympic Cafe +
2018.09.27.THU – FR, Lyon – Le Sonic +
2018.10.01.MON – IT, Turin – Unione Culturale Antonicelli +
2018.10.02.TUE – IT, Rome – Fanfulla +
2018.10.04.THU – GR, Athens – Temple +
2018.10.06.SAT – BU, Sofia – Bulgarian National Radio’s Studio Two Concert Hall +
2018.10.07.SUN – RO, Cluj-Napioca – Gazette +
2018.10.09.TUE – HR, Zagreb – Klub Mo?vara
2018.10.10.WED – IT, Padova – TBC +
2018.10.12.FRI – CZ, Brno – AVA Presents +
2018.10.13.SAT – SK, Trencin – Klub Luc +
2018.10.14.SUN – CZ, Prague – Letmo Productions Presents +
2018.10.16.TUE – PL, Poznan – LAS +
2018.10.17.WED – DE, Hamburg – Schute +
2018.10.18.THU – DE, Berlin – Urban Spree +
2018.10.18.THU – DE, Köln – Christuskirche +
2018.10.23.TUE – UK, London – The Victoria +
2018.10.24.WED – UK, Plymouth – The Junction +
2018.10.25.THU – UK, Liverpool – 61 Reenshaw Street +
2018.10.26.FRI – UK, Todmorden – Golden Lion +
2018.10.27.SAT – UK, Wrexham – Undegun +