Video Premiere: The Minus Tide (full set) from Dayton, Ohio, circa '00s

From Ghettoblaster’s brother blog,; never before seen footage of The Minus Tide performing in Dayton, Ohio:
This Amazon review pretty much sums it up:
“How disappointing it must be to the metal heads and hardcoresters that a six people formerly of indie rock/screamo bands from West Virginia can come into their watered down genre of metalcore and be better than any of them. The Minus Tide’s talent, songwriting creativity and willingness to stay off the beaten path allow them to raise the bar when it comes to heavy music that incorporates Maiden-esque dual guitars, screamy lyrics, electronics and a rock mentality. This album is genius.”
And Anakuklosis, released via Action Driver in March 2004 was just that…an unsung gamechanger. This was shot around the time of the album’s release at Jag’s in Dayton, Ohio.  Enjoy this set by some of my friends, from previous bands Killed At Camp and Egress.  They ruled.