Video Premiere: Radio Berlin (full set) from Dayton, Ohio, circa early '00s

From Ghettoblaster’s brother blog,; never before seen footage of Radio Berlin in Dayton, Ohio:
In the early ’00s Dayton got a visit from Canadians, Radio Berlin.  Multi-instrumentalist Jack Duckworth (now of Soft Riot) was no stranger to Dayton as he visited, and DJed for the launch party we’d put together at Knights of Columbus just years prior. 
For those not in the know, The Vancouver band culled its membership from several other musical outfits. A couple of its members formerly belonged to the groups Ex-Dead Ikatowi and the Measure, while other members were part of the bands A Luna Red and Jerk With a Bomb. During their existence, the band shared the stage with such artists as Camera Obscura, the Faint, the Locust, Vue, and I Am Spoonbender. The group’s first recording, Sibling, was released by Reassemblage as an LP, while Loveundromance issued the release in CD format. Reassemblage also put out a seven-inch for the band, while Radio One issued a seven-inch that Radio Berlin split with Kid Commando. By 2001, the band switched over to Ache Records for the release of its LP The Selection Drone. Your Best Guess Records put out the CD. In Germany, Radio Berlin was featured on a compilation from the Swingbeat label that also included material by Brady Canfield, Beautiful Skin, the Faint, and Hot Hot Heat, among others. Radio Berlin supported these releases with a short tour that lasted a little over one month.
This video was shot during a tour the band did in support of Glass with Columbus, Ohio’s The Cinema Eye.