Video Premiere: I Am The Polish Army, "You Don't Know"

Within three months of their first rehearsal, I Am The Polish Army was in the studio with acclaimed engineer Charles Burst (Neko Case, Psychic Ills, Crystal Stilts) and were working through the songs which would eventually form the basis of the band’s debut record, My Old Man. Driven by a desire to reinvent the initial musical offerings that vocalist Emma DeCorsey had created, the trio, which includes bassist Turner Stough and drummer Eric Kuby, broke down each track to its base elements and reshaped them in the image of bands like Veruca Salt and The Breeders—groups who just so happened to be some of DeCorsey’s teenage heroes. Growling with guitars solos that are the work of longtime session musician and friend Dave Van Epp, as well as DeCorsey herself, these tracks developed a colossal emotional presence, resulting in the kind of redemptive catharsis that only occurs after some truly harrowing and life-shaking experiences.
Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering the official video one of these fiery, cathartic tunes, “You Don’t Know,” which you can enjoy below.
The video was directed by Stephen Donovan, (film maker, performer and designer, executive director of Mark Dendy Projects) and Tom Cole (co-director with ANOHNI of HOPELESSNESS live tour and tour video footage, and co-director of ANOHNI’s Music videos Crisis, I Don’t Love You Anymore, Marrow, and Obama) and features choreography by Mark Dendy .
This is what DeCorsey had to say about it:
“I have been collaborating on various projects in radio, theatre, and dance with Tom, Stephen, and Mark since 2010.
This video is heavily inspired by the film work of the late Chantal Ackerman (particularly her New York film News From Home). As it relates to the song, it is best summarized by Ackerman’s quote that serves as the opening epigraph: ‘I wrote a story that I liked. Everybody thought it was political. But it was just a normal love story.’
Shot on location in Manhattan, this involved quite a bit of returning to the scene of crime that inspired the song. We filmed on the actual street corner (The Bowery and Great Jones St.) where I was almost run over by the giant white Range Rover in 2013, as well as the actual ‘Ex’s House.'”
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"You Don't Know" I Am The Polish Army (Official Video) from Mark Dendy Projects on Vimeo.

The band has East Coast and Midwest tours scheduled for Spring and Summer of 2017, where they’ll work to bring their emotional rock cacophony and fervor to stages across the Unites States. I Am The Polish Army’s debut, My Old Man, will be released on March 31, 2017.
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