Video Premiere: Party of Helicopters (full set) from Columbus, Ohio, circa '00s

From Ghettoblaster’s brother blog,; never before seen footage of Party of Helicopters performing at More Than Music Fest in Columbus, Ohio:
Kent, Ohio’s Party of Helicopters, whom I first encountered in the early ’90s, has long been a favorite, like a top 10 favorite band ever, of mine. Before they called it quits, the band performed at Columbus, Ohio’s More Than Music Fest. This was either shortly before or after they recorded Please Believe It for Velocette…so maybe 2002 or 2003 timeframe. The band called it quits not too long after, and band members went on to play with Teeth of The Hydra and a bevy of other Ohio heavies. Enjoy this from the You Indie archives. The audio is shitty, but you get the picture…
Here’s a bit of music trivia: As I recall, Jamie Stillman is playing Mike Hill from Tombs’ scroll neck guitar (Mike’s band Anodyne played this year). Or maybe it is the other way around.
Second bit of trivia: I stood next to Matt from The Six Parts Seven during this set and we did our best to give ourselves metal neck.  You can probably spot us front and center.