Video Premiere: Human Leather, "Not My Business Anymore"

Human Leather’s Lazy Karaoke is the the ultimate homage to the ’80s, transporting you flawlessly from dark underground clubs to the tropical beaches of a neon lit daydream. Human Leather is near goth pop perfection, reminding us of the days Depeche Mode were not just a band, but the biggest band in the world
Comprised of members of Choir Boy (Adam Klopp) and Sculpture Club (Chaz Costello), the duo have drawn from an amalgam of influences; they  present the listener with a fantasy karaoke night, sonically and also aesthetically. Written starting in 2015, the songs are infectious, singing along almost mandatory. Lazy Karaoke is an melancholic celebration drawing on influences as diverse as mainstream pop icons like Whitney Houston and Cyndi Luaper to Orchestral Maneouvers in the Dark and Tears for Fears to italo disco such as Valerie Dore. In fact, vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist Adam Klopp jokingly describes the duo’s sound like this: “[It’s] maybe a shitty version of Tears for Fears mixed with Depeche Mode?” Regardless, Lazy Karaoke, which is currently available for pre-order from Cercle Social Records, is a powerful pop record by two of SLC’s best songwriters.
In addition to the LP, the band have plans to release the album as a collection of videos on VHS, and today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering one of those videos. You can enjoy the video for “Not My Business Anymore” below. Klopp had this to say about the song:
“‘Not My Business Anymore’ is probably the most personal for me. The delivery is casual enough that it might sound like a funny pop song, but I think that’s one of the most literal songs I’ve ever written.”

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