Album Review: Lycia, Wake

Cercle Social (Sculpture Club, Human Leather, Way Out) continues their winning streak with the re-release of Lycia’s first album, Wake, which originally introduced the world to the Arizona-based cosmic electronic project in 1989.
Wake, recorded by guitarist Michael Van Portfleet and bassist, drum machine guru John Fair, combined elements of synth pop, psych, industrial and goth rock to create mournful and majestic arrangements that were as danceable as they were desolate. Although Lycia owes a debt to Joy Division and Bauhaus, My Bloody Valentine and Jesu almost assuredly tore pages from Lycia’s playbook during the creation of their most essential output.
As distorted guitar drones ride dance beats to dizzying heights it’s hard to imagine that the album took shape in a desert…or maybe not. Wake is a hallucinatory oasis that beckoning fans of dark and masterful music to (re)discover it. (Cercle Social)