Video Premiere: Gayle Skidmore, "The Golden West"

The Golden West is Gayle Skidmore’s twentieth independent release, which will be released with an accompanying lyric and coloring book.  It is a ten-song album which focuses on moving on from the past, a very personal and important record for Skidmore.  The production of the album is more dreamy than the previous full-length, and focuses on moving forward.  Skidmore is creating an illustration for each of the songs, which will come with the lyrics, in the form of an adult coloring book.   This will be Skidmore’s third coloring book and album.
“The Golden West will be my 20th release as an independent artist, my first full-length vinyl release, and my third adult coloring book,” Skidmore says.  “So, you could say I’m pretty excited about it!  I began the project with my friend James Book of Ninkasi Brewing at Ninkasi Studios in Eugene, Oregon.  As a Ninkasi Artist Partner for the last four years, we were excited to finally be able to record a larger project together.
“After spending two months in Eugene tracking the album, we headed to Joshua Tree to record at Rancho De La Luna for what we called the Desert Sessions with our friend Dave Catching of Eagles of Death Metal,” she says.  “It was a fitting place to record this album, which I wrote about surviving the whirlwind of the last five years of my adventures on the road, personal loss, painful relationships and finding a way to heal.  I finished up the album with my friends Brandon O’Connell and Jason Begin at Singing Serpent Studios in my hometown, San Diego.  I am excited to be able to share my first coloring sheet and single, The Golden West, which is about finding an escape and transforming the past through artistic expression.
To celebrate the endeavor, Ghettoblaster is premiering video of a Deering live session of the record’s title track. This is what she had to say about it:
“This summer I had the privilege of coming back to visit my friends at the Deering Wood Room with my cellist and violinist, Erdis Maxhelaku and Marta Blalock, to perform the first single off my forthcoming album of the same name, The Golden West. My longtime bandmates Marta and Erdis and I have enjoyed numerous creative sessions over the years, and this was one of my favorites.
I often compose parts for them on the piano, so it’s amazing to hear them come to life with viola, violin, and cello when we can finally all get in the room together.  Part of what made this album so special to me was being able to translate how music helped me through the toughest times in my life into art, music, and videos.”

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