Video Premiere: Factor Chandelier featuring Taylor Jade Shares "Lives An Ocean"

Factor Chandelier remains far from being defined as a conundrum. In fact, within the last few years, we have all seen the steady climb and progression the musical landscapes he has created has made listeners question, feel, adore, and admire. The young Canadian production wizard has yet to slow down.

2018 saw the release of Wisdom Teeth (Side Road Records), an exploration in sound with a diverse vision to draw out a kaleidoscope of varying tones, melodies and so much more. Instrumental tracks always remain uniquely challenging, as Factor leaves everyone guessing as to where he’s heading. Songs may be drawn towards melancholy or you may find yourself letting your head nod to a thick beat. Either way, Factor finds a way to make it all interesting.

On the album, contributions are made by the likes of Astronautalis, Myka 9, Ceschi, and Paranoid Castle, but today we discuss Taylor Jade and her sweet voice overlaying “Lives An Ocean.” The track itself is beautifully captivating, with beautiful guitars and harmonies floating around it. It’s almost majestic in its outer worldly effectiveness. Featured below is the accompanying video premiering today which completely captures the mood & moment.