Video Power: Wake Self — Brand New

Andy “Wake Self” Martinez is proud to announce the second video from his upcoming album, The Healing Process. Titled “Brand New,” the song takes the listener on a journey through Wake Self’s thought process while delivering a solid track built on DJ Young Native’s cuts and DJ Audyio’s production. The song proves, once again, Wake is determined to set himself apart from the monotonous nature of contemporary hip-hop. Insightful and original, Wake speaks truth, first and foremost. In the second verse he spits, “I don’t have to tatt my whole body up/rappers sell their images/their lyrics are not enough/yeah, that’s the truth, baby/I make music for the people/not the people that pay me.”
This line is just one indication of the message he wants to put out there. The Healing Process drops on April 25 and is packed with endless introspective, intelligent lyrics.