Video: Other Americans share debut single, video for "Murdering Crows"

Other Americans

Andy Warhol said “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting,” and there is some truth and wisdom in his words. Unfortunately it may not apply absolutely to new music. In particular, in 2018, where music fans have terabytes of data at their fingertips via streaming services, and independent record stores are becoming nearly extinct, new bands determine their brand before every playing a note and hire a well-oiled publicity machine to prime the pumps of corporate owned, online and print behemoths months before an album is released to listeners.
Writers, bloggers and critics aren’t bad guys so much as victims perpetuating a cycle of abuse. Inundated with hundreds of pitches a day, they pour over their inboxes looking for the buzz words that will fire the synapses to their fingers and ears. And, if a band is fortunate, they spend scarce nanoseconds before hanging a genre tag around a band like an albatross, assigning a hasty judgment on influenced plucked from decades of pop culture lexicon, and associating a prejudiced thumbs up, thumbs down, number or some other designator to the artist’s work. Simply, it is what most have time for in a culture of immediacy. The salacious, opinionated and brutal ones become clickbait, and the earnest ones struggle to elbow into collective memory amidst the barrage of noise humans inhale daily.
Simply, it is all a carefully orchestrated waiting game, a rouse, and it serves to pervert the proper introduction, and strip music fans of their own uncorrupted first impression and the simple, electric joy of discovery.
The band you are about to hear have no previous releases, no shows, no reviews to their credit. There isn’t any hype, spin, or spoilers. They are virgin electro-alternative rock in its purest form, uncut, untainted, untouched and unspoiled by the critics. They’ve leveled the playing field for the sake of early adopters. And years from now, we’ll all be thinking back to this moment, the moment we were introduced to them. And we’ll ALL be able to recall with full hearts and fondness that we knew Other Americans when.
Their self-titled EP which drops in its entirety June 29.