Special Teams Share "SunFire" Video Featuring Kelley Deal

When Kelley Deal (Breeders/R. Ring) presses her hands on anything, it immediately becomes special.  Take for example her involvement with producer/dj King Baby Nuxhall’s project Special Teams.  The song “SunFire” was originated when Deal needed some assistance on a musical endeavor that she was involved with other musicians.  Nuxhall’s experience with Deal was so much fun, making more music together seemed to be a no-brainer.  Nuxhall says that future singles will have other guests, ranging from all parts of the musical spectrum.  The goal according to Nuxhall is to have fun and make some “twisted tunes”.
Special Teams
Deal and Nuxhall have recently released the video for “SunFire”.  Classic Deal vocals glide through the ominous beats, creating a dark and trippy feel to the song that will you hypnotized.

(Visit Special Teams here: https://specialteamsmusic.bandcamp.com/)