King Kong Returns With Three New Singles!

At forever’s long last, King Kong is back in our stratosphere with new explorations in funky electro-pop that hypothesize, stupefy, and are guaranteed to leave you in stitches! King Kong leader and mad genius Ethan Buckler takes you on three tales that will out-leap the maddest of imaginings any primate could ever imagine! You read that right; not one, not two but THREE new Kong jams to feast upon. Get those hips ready to get up and shake with the wildest of thrills: “60s Apartment Building Balcony”, “Pawnshopolis” and “Pigeon Man”, serve up some deceptively-simple-but-actually-quite-layered observational dance tunes from King Kong’s musical menu.
To win over the digital consumer in you, these Kong singles are coming at you as videos as well as streaming singles. For King Kong, when visuals are added to the mix, hilarity ensues! No, we’re not monkeying around – the videos for “60s Apartment Building Balcony”, “Pawnshopolis” and “Pigeon Man” are the most amazing images to ever grace any screen! Ethan adopts various characters (somebody get this guy a sitcom!) to really make these jams go bananas. Quirky concepts and danceable grooves, now the laws of the jungle are something everyone can rally around!