Jim White Releases Single “Marketplace”

Drummer Jim White shares his second single and video, “Marketplace,” off his debut solo album All Hits: Memories (Drag City), out March 29, 2024. “Marketplace” further illuminates Jim’s headfirst dive into pairing synthesized tracks against his unmistakable drumming, a practice heard first on last month’s lead single, “Names Make the Name.”
The tapping of the hi-hat, like signals from typewriters and stock tickers of old, sets the tone for “Marketplace.” Jim sprays staccato energy across the kit, responding on keyboard with a series of motifs and presets; strings, video game (très Space Invaders!), and low reeds. He explains, “‘Marketplace’ emulates the sound and energy of the Saturday morning Victoria Market in North Melbourne. All kinds of people, boxes, trucks, yelling, chickens, fish, vegetables, bakers, donuts, and musicking, flowing  through all the other markets.” Telegraphing the sound and vision of the marketplace, Anna White’s music video whisks us through a spattering of percussive (J)imagery to broadcast the track’s transient sense of urgency.