Cassidy King Shares New Single "Polaroid"

Cassidy King has dropped a new single “Polaroid,” a grainy voice note sample that gives way to a sultry verse accented by airy guitar and glitchy production. This lo-fi backdrop culminates on a bridge of trumpets before her transcendent vocals captivate on the hook as she admits, “I just wanna be somebody. I don’t wanna need nobody.”  Of the track, Cassidy notes, “‘Polaroid’ is about realizing you have every right to let go. That it’s ok to separate yourself from toxic relationships, whether that be familial or romantic. You’re under no obligation to maintain a relationship for the needs of someone else if it’s breaking you in the process.”

Similar stories unfold in small towns around the world, but this one happened in Chardon, OH., a place Cassidy King proudly calls home. Prior to tallying millions of streams and views online, the singer/songwriter discovered herself in the face of family turmoil, coming to terms with her sexuality as a queer woman, and identifying a genuine path as an artist.