Adrian Younge Shares New Video For "Stranger By The Sea"

Known for his cinematic scores (Marvel’s Luke Cage, Black Dynamite) and equally compelling production for the likes of Ghostface Killah, Jay-Z, PRhyme, Kendrick Lamar, Bilal and more, Adrian Younge Presents… Voices of Gemma, a psychedelic journey in spiritual jazz, funk and dark soul.

Today, Adrian is happy to share his “Stranger By The Sea” video from Voices of Gemma. The video depicts singers Brooke DeRosa & Rebecca Englehart in a dreamlike state imagining a stranger who’s “kiss was but a drop in this ocean of time.” It gives compelling visuals to an already strong track. The full Voices of Gemma album is out now via Linear Labs. Full tracklist can be found below. In the great and ongoing culture war between high and low, raw and refined, the real versus popular, certain territories have been ceded: styles considered mainstream get to be pretty, lovely and optimistic. Styles originating underground are presumed to be gritty, burly and practical.


Adrian Younge Presents… Voices of Gemma

(March 30th on Linear Labs)

  1. Stranger By The Sea
  2. Silhouette Dreams
  3. Heaven’s Found
  4. Comeback
  5. The Leaves
  6. Unfortunate Breaks (Instrumental)
  7. Starlights(Instrumental)
  8. Dreams With You
  9. Chasing Love
  10. Make A Melody