Adrian Younge Shares Trailer for ‘T.A.N’

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and former law professor ADRIAN YOUNGE will release his debut short film T.A.N. later this month via the Amazon Music app and Amazon’s Prime Video. A true Renaissance Man, Younge wrote, directed, edited, filmed and composed the score for the film. T.A.N. is a narrative film that sees five fragile souls, confused and in a haze of consciousness and intolerance, enter an eerie dimension. Piece-by-piece, each person realizes their destiny, and the darkness they’ve left behind. “T.A.N. represents the racial friction that exists between Black and White society,” notes Younge. “As a Black American, it’s my way of synthesizing our discarded history with a new vision for survival.” Today, Younge shares the film’s trailer

T.A.N. is a companion to Younge’s acclaimed recent album The American Negro: his most ambitious and deeply personal project to-date. The multimedia project sees Younge share an unapologetic critique detailing the systemic and malevolent psychology that afflicts people of color. The American Negro is a powerful, multifaceted statement that reflects perennial injustices and serves to act as a lever of change during a time of mass disillusionment: an album for the people that details the evolution of racism in America.