Free issue 28 mixtape now available! Boris, Low, Kode9, Liturgy and more!

Just in time for the weekend, the issue 28 mixtape has arrived! Get on over to the mixtape page and download the crap out of it.
We’ve got tons of good shit in this compilation. All of it is, as always, artists featured in the latest issue, covering all the best hip-hop, metal, rock and world music.
Here’s a full track list for those who don’t want to just go download it now:
01. Ezekiel Honig – “Subverting the Memory of Your Surroundings”
02. Kuf Knotz – “Fame Us”
03. The Black Swans – “Joe Tex”
04. Southeast Engine – “Adeline of the Applachian Mountains”
05. Frankensteez – “Black Angel (feat. Saucy Lady)”
06. Ampline – “The Dynamos Sang Dollars”
07. Alcoholic Faith Mission – “Running With Insanity”
08. Bill Callahan – “Baby’s Breath”
09. Clan Destined – “SCREAM (feat. Stacy Epps)”
10. D. Charles Speer & The Helix – “Freddie’s Lapels”
11. Times New Viking – “Ever Falling in Love”
12. Fair Nick Stars – “Arrete Mal Parlé”
13. Faust – “Herbststimmung”
14. Boris – “Riot Sugar”
15. Ayatollah – “It Came From His Fingertips”
16. Liturgy – “High Gold (edit)”
17. Low – “Try to Sleep”
18. Man Man – “Knuckle Down”
19. Maggie Bjorklund – “Intertwined”
20. Reks – “25th Hour (clean)”
21. Skeletonwitch – “Crushed Beyond Dust”
22. Kode9 – “Time Patrol Dub”
23. Andre Afram Asmar – “Onward Farword”