BSE 81: half•alive, Julia Holter, Underground System, Swearin', Xenia Rubinos feat. Sammus & Olga Bell, and Knife Knights

“Still swearin’ after all these years.”

On this episode of Best Song Ever, Brian reads an anonymous statement written by a senior Best Song Ever staffer. The boys talk about politics, being sleepy, and their Labor Day weekends. Luke talks about his conversations with a racist grandpa and starting a bear revolution. Brian delivers some life lessons while Luke brings the funk and tells the story of a swearing intervention that a youth pastor had for him. Finally, we talk about getting where we are by pure dumb luck, all while playing the six best songs you’ll hear all week!
Every week Ghettoblaster feature writers (and dear cousins!) Brian LaBenne and Luke LaBenne bring you fresh new songs with the hopes of introducing you to some that you may consider to be the best song ever. Both Brian and Luke have no idea what songs the other has picked, so what you are hearing is their genuine reaction to listening to the songs together. Also, if you enjoy this episode, head to iTunes to subscribe and rate our podcast with the highest rating available to you.
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Songs Played on Still swearin’ after all these years.”
half•alive – still feel out now
Julia Holter – I Shall Love 2 from Aviary out Oct 26 on Domino
Underground System – Go from What Are You out now on Soul Clap Records
Swearin’ – Future Hell from Fall Into the Sun out October 5th on Merge
Xenia Rubinos feat. Sammus & Olga Bell – Levitating out now on Jaba Jaba Music
Knife Knights – Seven Wheel Motion from 1 Time Mirage out now on Sub Pop