We Are Hex release 7-inch with quest Jinx Dawson (Coven)

We Are Hex’s new conjuring is a two-song 7-inch to be released on Latest Flame Records.  The b-side is the already acclaimed “Tongues,” a nasty little ripper which premiered this month in video-form on CVLT Nation.  The a-side is “W.D.M.R.S.” named for the groundbreaking 1960s band Coven’s record Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls.  The high priestess herself, Jinx Dawson of Coven, guests on the track, joining her voice to lament, “goddamn the ghouls again, they fall like leaves when the summer ends.”
This is just the latest in a trail of We Are Hex recordss that have included “Lewd Nudie Animals,” produced by Jon Spencer, and “Twist the Witch’s Titty,” produced by Jack White.
7/17 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Drinkery
7/18 – Cleveland, OH @ The Happy Dog
7/19 – Charleston, WV @ The Empty Glass
7/20 – Washington D.C. @ The Pinch
7/21 – Baltimore, MD @ Holy Frijoles
7/24 – Atlanta, GA @ Burnt Hickory Brewery
7/26 – Nashville, TN @ Found Object
7/28 – Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop w/!!!