Rivergazer ready debut, share "Safari Jack"

Father/Daughter Records announced the release of Random Nostalgia, the full -length debut from Brooklyn, NY trio Rivergazer
on August 12. (LP/digital). Rivergazer is the recording project of Kevin Farrant (Porches.) turned full band, and the results create stunning pop centric indie rock music with a wide range of emotion and a joyous excitement that can hardly be denied. There is a sense of innocence to much of Random Nostalgia, a longing for the simple days of childhood when hanging out with friends and exploring the world in front of you were all that matters.
Impose Magazine premiered the album’s first single, “Safari Jack” today, calling it “familiar yet refreshing” and claiming Rivergazer’s full length debut as “Farrant’s departure from lofi-as-fuck into big conceptual songwriting”.
Farrant’s song writing takes center stage throughout the record, as he displays a knack for creating music that can feel breezy and emotionally heavy within moments of each other, enacting mood swings with a smile and a gentle croon. Random Nostalgia is brimming with catchy songs perfect for summertime and
introspective indie rock for the gloomier of days, a delicate balance that Rivergazer pull off with perfection.
StreamRivergazer – “Safari Jack”: https://soundcloud.com/fatherdaughter/rivergazer-safari-jack
Upcoming shows:
June 4 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
June 9 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades