Partisan Records give away free fall sampler

To celebrate the end of summer / kickoff of fall, Partisan Records have created a free sampler showcasing songs from some of our releases from the past year.  The playlist features tracks from Deer Tick, Dismemberment Plan, Eagulls, Heartless Bastards, John Grant, Pure Bathing Culture, and more!
Just today, Christopher Denny premiered a cover of My Morning Jacket’s “Bermuda Highway” on NPR, a haunting song that can be also found on the sampler.
Download the playlist for free over at Amazon:
1. “The Dream’s In The Ditch” – Deer Tick
2. “Pendulum” – Pure Bathing Culture
3. “GMF” – John Grant
4. “Things Will Change” – Treetop Flyers
5. “Nerve Endings” – Eagulls
6. “Waiting” – The Dismemberment Plan
7. “Parted Ways” – Heartless Bastards
8. “They Told Me” – Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
9. “Los Angeles” – Emily Wells
10. “Dogon Genesis” – Lumerians
11. “Bermuda Highway” – Christopher Denny