New Atlantis to release Edward Ricart Quartet's Chamaeleon

Midwest-based experimental hard rock, noise and jazz label New Atlantis Records recently announced the upcoming release from the Edward Ricart quartet featuring celebrated British saxophonist Paul Dunmall.  Titled Chamaeleon, the record is a stellar new offering from electric guitarist Edward Ricart’s powerful working quartet, augmented by Dunmall.
Edward Ricart is a rising star of improvised music, with collaborations ranging from members of the rock bands Fugazi, Tortoise, Black Flag, and Bardo Pond to Merzbow, and jazz legends Peter Broetzmann, William Hooker, Ches Smith, Travis Laplante, Kevin Shea, Roy Campbell, Tim Daisy, Marty Ehrlich, Angelica Sanchez, and Steve Swell, among many others. He is also a member of Ohio-based avant rock trio Hyrrokkin, and Washington DC free-rock duo Matta Gawa.
Recorded in Brooklyn at Seizures Palace (Swans, Akron/Family, Charles Gayle, Angels of Light) during Paul’s visit to New York City for the Vision Festival in 2012, Ricart pulled together his group for a rare opportunity to document Dunmall along a crew of Downtown New York’s finest… The band features legendary trumpeter Herb Robertson, bassist Jason Ajemian (Marc Ribot, Ken Vandermark, Rob Mazurek), and drummer Andrew Barker (Gold Sparkle Band, Sirone, William Parker).
This set of music is freely improvised, yet exists firmly within the jazz tradition. The music boasts a serious backbone, coupled with a massively parallel frontline. The group dynamically pairs spontaneously composed, angular lyricism with limber fluidity from the rhythm section, pushing the boundaries of improvised quintet music from the outset. Chamaeleon is stunningly cohesive, marking the musicians as masters of ebb, flow, assertiveness and energetic expression.