Mike Pace and the Child Actors share video for "Kiss and Fly"

Mike Pace and the Child Actors’ new single, “Kiss and Fly,” premiered recently. It contains lots of cleverly-stitched together old TV footage, Mike in an aviator costume, a bangin’ sax solo, and so much more. It is off of their full-length, Best Boy, which is out as of this month on Self-Starter Foundation.
Here’s the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHwEvIFQSa4
….and here’s a quote from Mike on the making-of:
“Making the “Kiss & Fly” video was fairly intense. The producers really wanted me to inhabit the role of Cpt. “Wild” Bill Kelso II so they enlisted me in flight school for six rigorous weeks and I’m now a licensed pilot, which is crazy. And unlike previous videos, I did all my own stunts this time around. Additionally, the hunky shirtless dude wailing on that guitar solo is actually an accomplished jazz-fusion session musician who played on the recording of the song. I was lucky to have him.”