Date Palms debut new track, head to Debacle Fest (2013)

Earlier today The Fader premiered a new track from Date Palms’ upcoming Thrill Jockey debut The Dusted Sessions. Date Palms is the core Oakland-based duo of Gregg Kowalsky and Marielle Jakobsons, joined on this album by Michael Elrod (who has also played with Barn Owl and Life Coach) on tampura, Ben Bracken on bass, and Noah Philips on electric guitar. Date Palms uses the sound and imagery of the dustbowl and the American West to express something truly cosmic and unique within the already highly individualistic Bay Area underground. “Yuba Reprise” closes the first side of the album and reflects on a trip Kowalsky and Jakobsons took to the Yuba River in rural California. Hear it for yourself below.
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Date Palms will be making the sojourn to Seattle early next month for the Debacle Festival in Seattle where they will play alongside Plankton Wat, Nate Young (of Wolf Eyes), Mind Over Mirrors, Expo ’70, John Wiese, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, and more. Marielle Jakobsons will also perform a solo set. They will play at the FRED Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, May 4.
Debacle Fest 2013: