Cas One releases The Monster and the Wishing Well LP, video

Cas One has worked with everyone from Brother Ali and Sadistik to the late Eyedea and Ceschi Ramos of Fake Four, Inc. He’s shared the stage with Grayskul, Visionaries, Kristoff Krane, and electronic musician Figure. But his sophomore effort, The Monster and the Wishing Well, which dropped earlier this week, is undeniably all his own. The songs are tales of a young man growing up, becoming a father, a husband, and feeling out the methods of balancing it all out with his artistic passion. Not to mention, Cas One’s lyrical skills are on point. He rhymes with confidence and honesty as he tightly holds on to the fluidity of each verse.
The first video for the lead track, “Long Walk,” takes a dark approach to delivering a story about a man searching for his lost soul. Its brooding nature and sheer intensity paint a perfect picture of exactly what the subject is going through internally. Shot by Eric Hunter, “Long Walk” is a joint vision that had to breathe life.