Prolific Production: An Interview With Factor Chandelier

New Day Dawning

Phoenix, AZ – On a considerably warm winter day in the desert, Factor Chandelier rolled into town, along with Ceschi Ramos, Hip-Hop duo Chisme, as well as emcee Sammus. I was in the midst of the group’s whirlwind tour, doing something many musicians do year in and year out: promoting.

I’ve followed  Factor’s career for the past few years, who’s put in the road work and studio time many are hard-pressed to even attempt. He’s worked with an array of musicians and rappers alike, compiling a healthy catalog of tracks, some of which I wasn’t even aware of. His last offering, 2016’s Factoria, was a virtual cornucopia of lush sounds and hard beats, sometimes even blended together on the same tracks. And this year he’s set to take the world by storm with his new album Wisdom Teeth, 11 new tracks that are bound to be the dope in the virtual needle to make your head nod. Graham Murawsky, as he’s known to his friends when he’s not hitting the stage, has just wrapped up the first part of the year, the first segment of tour life. 2018 has just begun and it seems there’s a lot more in store. I caught up with Factor and we spoke about his new album and what’s next for the producer.

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