Welcome to Gaming at the New Ghettoblastermagazine.com!

Hello, dwellers of the internet! Associate Games Editor Kris Poland here, and I want to welcome you to the brand spanking new Ghettoblaster online gaming presence. I, for one, am incredibly excited about the updated look of our website and even more so for the dedicated gaming section. As you may have already noticed, we’re dropping the Gamers’ Paradise monicker from gaming posts, as we now have our very own tab at the top of page.
Here you will find game reviews, play-test videos, battle reports, feature interviews with game creators, commentary, and much more. My goal is for us to cover the broadest possible spectrum of gaming, from tabletop games to video games to anything else that tickles our writers’ fancy. At the same time, I want to provide our readers with content and perspectives that can’t be found elsewhere. The future of gaming is wild and unknown. Please join us at the precipice of this new frontier. Send comments, questions, critiques or content submissions to me at kris@ghettoblastermagazine.com. I look forward to getting some feedback as we embark upon this exciting journey together. Remember, it’s dangerous to go alone!