Winter Shares Dreamy Single “lose you”

Winter has shared her new single “lose you”, a dreamlike reverie that harkens back to Samira Winter’s earliest days, stripping her songwriting down to its core elements, crystalline and spartan.

Over the course of the pandemic, Samira decamped to Studio 22 in L.A. with producer Joo Joo Ashworth (Automatic, Dummy, SASAMI) where the pair spent the many months of harsh uncertainty sharpening her songs into a fine point. “I felt like I was making music in a dark cave with an old friend and no one else existed,” Samira says of the process. Within that place of separation from the outside world, she was able to venture into the core of Winter, imbuing every musical choice with a confident intentionality, and newfound vulnerability. More so than ever before, the hypnotic rhythms of electronic music were a key reference point, as well as reliable favorites like early MBV & The Pastels.

Despite its euphoric clusters of synthesizers and skyward melodies, “lose you” is one of the most vulnerable songs from those sessions, Winter speaking to the grim realities of predatory abuse. “It’s a song about one of my saddest moments,” she explains, “where I realized that my close friend had been groomed by this older person that we all knew. I locked myself in my studio, turned on my blue light, and channeled this moment of despair through writing this song. Painting with exclamations from my Juno synth and releasing my emotions in a flurry of reverse delayed vocals.”

Photo Courtesy: Athena Merry