Wax Tailor New Shares Single Featuring Mark Lanegan

World-renowned French orchestral hip hop producer Wax Tailor will release his first new full-length album, The Shadow Of Their Suns, this Friday, January 8. He has revealed early cuts from the elegant and symbolic collection, including hip hop electro-funk banger “Keep It Movin” featuring US Rap sensation D Smoke and “Misery” (ft. Rosemary Standley). In anticipation of the new full release, Wax Tailor has unleashed new single “Just A Candle” (ft. Mark Lanegan).

Wax Tailor worked with the same director Berkay Turk — who also created the award-winning video for lead single “Misery” (ft. Rosemary Standley) — presenting the new visual with a futuristic, sci-fi twist. “I started working on the demo in early 2019 & immediately called it “Candle”,” shares Wax Tailor. “I had this vision of a candle as an allegory of life. The candle that illuminates us, burns out, and one day turns off. I had scenes in mind and I wanted to play on the contrast between a dry and dark rhythm and incandescent arrangements to illustrate this path of life. I added the gimmick of the blown candle that illustrates the unknown. I then invited Mark who injected his print to the song. I’ve been a big fan of Mark Lanegan for a long time & I was waiting for the right song to invite him. In a music industry where bending your back is often a conditioned reflex, Mark is a great humble man who goes through the decades without artifice, with talent and righteousness.”

The Shadow Of Their Suns marks Wax Tailor’s first new full length album in 5 years, featuring a prestigious cast of guests including Gil Scott-Heron, Mark Lanegan, Adeline, Del The Funky Homosapien & Mr Lif, Yugen Blakrok and Boog Brown. Behind the dark, elegant and symbolic collection’s allegorical title hides a long period of deliberate brainstorm and introspection. The luxury of time in a world where everything goes fast. Time to observe the light from the shadow, the “whirlwind of life”, its excesses, its drifts and its symbolic violence. Time to think and translate into music as a privileged witness of our society. Wax Tailor and his collaborators present this new project at a time where observation, reflection, collaborative discussion and action are needed most. He will embark on an international tour next fall which will start in France with a date at the famous Paris Olympia on December 2, 2021.