Underground System Share Dance Crazed Single ”He Said, She Said”

Coming off their forthcoming Into The Fire EP on Razor-N-Tape, Underground System unleash the barnstorming earworm “He Said, She Said” on the world today.

“Sometimes you just gotta say “bye!” Like an old flip-flop that has no more use in your life; don’t put tape around it, just throw it in the garbage,” says vocalist/flutist/percussionist Domenica Fossati. “This song is about throwing out the trash. The romantic relationships that ran their course and no longer allow you to thrive. Sometimes they want to come back, and you just gotta to say “Nah, I’m good, thanks. Have a nice day” Then enjoy the moment with a nice mezcal at your favorite bar with your favorite people.”

Although a bit of a stylistic new direction for RNT, this uptempo pop-ey dance punk tune captures the band’s raucous frenetic energy perfectly, and feels almost designed to explode in Underground System’s live sets. “He Said She Said” relentlessly presents a churning backbeat, ripping guitar riffs, tight and punchy horns, and an insanely catchy hook.

Founding member & co-leader guitarist/sampler Peter Matson says, “This track hones in on some of the more immediate energy and off the cuff sensibilities at play in Underground System’s musical universe. A playful dig at routine eye rolling encounters and relationship issues oft experienced during a typical night out. In this case we’re geo-locating where we’re at, with a classic downtown NYC inspired two note bass line and dance rock groove setting the tempo, as well as a shoutout to our favorite Mezcal spot in all of the five boroughs.”

Photo Courtesy: Maurizio Mascetti