The Smoking Flowers Share New Single “(Still) Here For You Now”

The definition of strong is “able to withstand great force or pressure”.  Kim and Scott Collins can easily say that the adjective is a perfect word to describe themselves.  Together as the Nashville-based duo The Smoking Flowers, their strength was pushed to the limit when Kim was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.  Instead of wallowing and going into a reclusive state of mind, Kim turned to writing (along with healing through holistic, alternative therapies) to ultimately beat the disease.

Today, The Smoking Flowers released their lead single off their new album Snowball Out Of Hell, “(Still) Here For You Now.”  Set for a release date of June 21, the LP (and its companion album Let’s Die Together released last year) captures the emotions the duo were experiencing throughout the healing process.  Proclamations of love and support are the primary focus as the duo sing softly over one another.