The Cordial Sins Share Single From Upcoming EP "Cruel"

The Cordial Sins have announced a new EP — In Memory — to be released October 25 on Diversion Records. The five-piece share its first single — “Cruel.” The Columbus band produce a grittily fizzing meld of raspy indie rock, melty shoegaze and combatively raw emotion. The six-song collection follows frontwoman and songwriter Liz Fisher through the poingnantly familiar process of a heart’s shatter and excruciating rebuild. Classically trained in violin and equipped with an undeniable gift for beautifully manic belting, Fisher provides every track an intensely evocative performance. Her thoughtful string arrangements and guitarist Corey Dickerson’s driving, instinctual playing lay down a distinctly gristly foundation for their intense, heartfelt lyrics.

Fisher provided insight into the band’s ultra-intimate track: “Cruel is a highly personal love song written about how internal demons torment us and the people we try to love. I wrote this while mourning the loss of a relationship that provided me with a lot of personal growth, but only after I was able to move past the immense pain I experienced as a result of it. Despite all of the conflict or resentment I felt long ago, I want to atone for my mistakes and attempt to forgive and find peace.”