Song Premiere: Time & The Bell, “Hand Hold Time”

Time & The Bell is a dream pop/indie folk project based out of Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Mandy Morgan, who plays in Nasalrod and also runs Nadine Records imprint, along with Allisa Beymer from Sukey Tawdry.

O Solferino is Time & The Bell’s debut full-length, which comes out October 16 on Nadine Records, but the album is over ten years in the making. As such, it encapsulates much love, loss, growth and healing that happened for the duo over that period. From the illness and death of Mandy’s mom to the birth of Allisa’s daughter, as well as a house fire that burned down the basement studio where much of the album tracking with Dave Pulliam was done, there were no shortage of interruptions. Luckily a tape containing Time & The Bell’s songs was one of the few things to survive the fire and tracking was finished by engineer/producer Adam Lee (Built To Spill, Portugal. The Man, Decemberists).

These are songs of heartbreak and forgiveness (the band members were romantically involved many years prior and a few songs deal directly with the transformation of their relationship), songs exploring themes of death and rebirth, longing and release, dreams and remembrance, sacred talismans and primordial contracts, earnest endeavorings toward self love, inner journeys, holy moments, and appreciation of the natural world.

Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering, their newest single, “Hand Hold Time,” a song that builds soft harmonized vocals over top of a clean electric guitar, before the song transforms into a chamber pop number, complete with trumpet and laid back percussion. Fans of Mazzy Star and Beach House are going to want to give this one a listen!  

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